Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things I Find Irresistible

Today my heart is meditating on potential. What drives it, what cuts it short. From what I've seen so far, the answer seems to be that I am the only one who can make or break my future. It makes me think...if I dream really big, and am not scared of the work and failures along the way...who do I really want to be? Am I following my dreams or am I already making practicality a forefront requirement of my career and location and passion?

I adore used bookstores ( and the quote is fantastic as well). There's just that slight musty drag that always brings me back to my Grandparent's bookshelves full of Tennyson and Jack London. I love the little inscriptions found in the covers, finding quotes underlined by someone who the words meant something profound to.

I love cozy, warm knit slipper-socks. They are a wrap-your-toes-up-and-keep-you-smiling sort of treat for a cold February day. A mouthful for the feet?

I love colour...these bright bursts of shiny paint are inspiring me to crack out my own palette for an afternoon of creating.

Everything about this 'beach cruiser' screams: "RIDE. ME." I love the colour, the curves and that basket begging to be filled with wildflowers, a straw hat, and a notebook.

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