Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Happy Moment

Journal Entry from January 13, 2009

"Last night I was with two close friends walking around by the beach.It was probably about two in the morning and I left them behind and walked by myself for the equivalent of a block or two. It was dark...incredible. Silent. The houses were sleeping, the stars were yawning. The waves rolled over in their sleep, the foam curled up into the sand on the shore and sank between the rocks with contented sighs. 
The clouds raised their arms over their heads and stretched their toes across the sky before tucking their knees back into their was breath-taking. I felt like I had walked into nature's bedroom, a trespasser. Tip-toeing in, aware that I wasn't invited. I watched the heavens sleep, the earth dream, nature rest. 
I didn't belong, but I couldn't walk away. I stole sneaky glances at the sweet face of the earth snuggling into itself, away from the destruction and chaos of human interaction."

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