Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Something in the Air

This song made me smile...so here it is to kick off the beginning of this post. Today is not a happy day. I'm not feeling any love today. But this blog is about choosing to love, and not about simply pretending that the world is always alright. It feels like my life is crashing around me, but I'm writing this to remind myself that I'm intentionally focusing on the good today.

And, while on the topic of music, here's a perfect playlist that I'm in love with today. (Fantastic site too, by the way!)
Here's another playlist from the same site that has seen me through more than one essay:

Delinquent Barbie made me laugh...just one more reason for parents to not want their daughters to emulate this spunky little role model.

Remember how I said I love words and would keep bringing them up? Here it is again...20 very brilliant words I would adore back in our regular vocabulary. Some of these words definitely made me kench!

I love this video...it makes me want to break into a chorus of this song here. "I love the whole world, and all its craziness!"

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