Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Be Thankful, Dream Big, and Never Give Up.

Music has this fantastic way of setting a mood, or reflecting a mood. This James Morrison Playlist is reflecting where I'm at, and it might set you up for the rest of this post. Enjoy!

 This picture is beautiful, from the lighting to the setting, and all the imperfections in between. Everything about this girl makes me want to know her, and who the photographer is who just thought this moment needed to be captured. 

Sun Showers...need I say more? They make me want to put on some sort of a sundress and shiny wellies to squeak around the grass in. 

I adore this picture taken of my grandmother when she was in her early twenties. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Great reminder. "It's a lie to think that you're not worth anything." Breathtaking. Ever notice that it's the handicapped people who do the stuff the healthy people don't always do? Kids with one leg go snowboarding to beat the odds, and kids with two legs watch T.V. Something to think about eh? I take too much for granted.

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