Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Wonderful Wonders

It's 2:30 am as I start this and, since one of my main loves is sleep, I shall be keeping this to the point. I love this scene from the movie, 'Withnail and I.
'"The carrot has mystery. Flowers are essentially tarts - prostitutes for the bees..."

What I love so much with this picture is the concept behind the set-up; negative spaces in a photograph can be beautiful. The empty bits around the subject, that is, not covered by props or distractions. It made me think about what I fill my own negative spaces in my life with. Am I comfortable just being, or do I always need some sort of activity to fill my time and blur my thoughts?

I love flowcharts and common sense...this combination is a beautiful thing!

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I love finding books with underlined words or quotes, even if they were my own. It's incredible looking at what stands out to people...and, half the time, I'm amazed at what meant something to myself at the time I read the book.

I love big, tall beds. Those super fluffy ones that you have to climb up into, filled with pillows and down blankets and thick sheets. I'm at that strange age where I'm old enough that I'm an adult, but a new enough adult that there are times in my day where I'm still surprised at my own autonomy; I get to own this type of bed now, and no longer have to crawl up into my parent's bed for this level of luxury comfort. Furthermore, I just ate a cookie after brushing my teeth.

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